Now There's An Ice Sculpture Of Cristiano Ronaldo In Russia

After Cristiano Ronaldo got a bust of him in an airport that carries his name we all wondered how he'd be idolised next exactly. Well the answer of course comes from Russia and a load of ice sculptures, what else.

Cristiano Ronaldo's torso looks like it was literally chiseled out of something so it's no real surprise that it now has been chiseled out of a load of ice, the only surprise is that it took so long.

Last year Madeira International Airport became Cristiano Ronaldo Airport in tribute to the Real Madrid player and a wonderful bust of the five time Ballon d'Or winner was uncovered. Wonderful of course because it was so bloody hilarious.

Not sure it exactly looks like Cristiano Ronaldo. Image: PA Images.
Not sure it exactly looks like Cristiano Ronaldo. Image: PA Images.

Or is this Cristiano Ronaldo's bust. Image: CiTV
Or is this Cristiano Ronaldo's bust. Image: CiTV

Now Ronaldo has been honoured with a new media, an ice sculpture, in Russia as part of the Ledovaya Moskva festival. He's not the only one as 40 statues made out of 2,000 tons of ice from Lake Baikal have been created.

Of course though it's Ronaldo who has grabbed the headlines, we'll let you decide if you think it's better than his airport bust or not:

Ice and metal are all good and everything but can someone let me know when they make a sculpture of the former Manchester United player out of chocolate, I'd take a bite out of that- nothing sexual I just really like chocolate!

Ice Ronaldo and the other sculptures that represent all the countries taking place in the World Cup this summer will be up for just three more days.

Ryan Sidle

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