Pele's Computer Generated Favourite Ever Goal Is Amazing

Pele is either the greatest goal scorer that has ever played the wonderful game of football or he's a massive fraud. The Brazilian's account of his favourite goal might make you believe he's the latter.

These days all the chatter is whether Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player and then where either man fits in the grand scheme of greatest of all time.

Whilst there has been others to debate, such as Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane, previous generations used to debate whether Argentina's Diego Maradona or Brazil's Pele was the best of all time.

Pele has a whole host of other accolades, too many to list, but goalscoring is where he earned his money and according to the statistics he scored 1033 goals for Santos in his career.

However there's a lot of questions about how many of them should be counted and how many were basically just five-a-side games in the park against his mates.

Now there's even more reason to call the 78 year old a fraud and mock him.

His favourite goal that he scored was a striker against Atletico Juventus, a Brazilian side, in 1959 but it wasn't captured on camera so based off his description someone animated a video of it, and it's hilariously brilliant. The chip over the final defender and keeper really make this a masterpiece of a lie:

I don't care how good a footballer you are unless you are literally Roy of the Rovers in a comic strip you aren't scoring a goal like that, not even Pele's own character in Escape to Victory is coming up with that to save himself from the Nazis.

I realise that last sentence is full of references for the kids.

No matter what you think of Pele's record if he scored a goal like that there's no way Messi, Ronaldo, Maradona or anyone else is taking his GOAT status away.

Unfortunately he may just be a massive fraud.

Ryan Sidle

Ryan is a writer for SPORTbible. He covers all sport from football, formula one, cricket, rugby, tennis, athletics, mma and wrestling. He obviously hates YOUR football team and has no interest in synchronised swimming.

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