Watch: The Goal That Would Make Pep Guardiola Blush

Arsene Wenger recently said, "Sport is about something bigger than winning and losing." The implication being that aesthetics in football, such as how a team play, and how their style is perceived, is just as imperative as filling up a trophy cabinet.

Pep Guardiola believes in this mantra, too. The celebration of his revolutionary style might just be because he's able to formulate delicious expansive football into an effective ideology.

If you were dubious in the hype about the Catalan manager, just reflect on how he's changed how we think about football. Guardiolism is known everywhere.

In Japan, Yokohama Marinos, one of the most successful clubs in the J1 League, scored one of the most Guardiolistic goals against Shonan Bellmare.

Straight from the Guardiola philosophy handbook, the side nail-bitingly play from the back, near their own box, utilising the goalkeeper as an 11th outfield player. The build-up play rolls along the pitch, before Portuguese striker Hugo Vieira twists the defender on his tail and drills a shot home from an acute angle.


Interestingly, Marinos are the second longest club to have shares under City Group, the business consortium that have Manchester City (its flagship), Melbourne City, New York City Girona FC and Club Atlético Torque under its umbrella.

The conglomerate's intention is to achieve dominance across every continent, investing in one club in each one that has 'City' in its name.

But Guaridolism doesn't need a global enterprise to breed success. It has and will continue to be replicated through human's natural desire to craft art and accomplish.

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