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WATCH: Rafinha Destroys Fan's Life By Knocking Chips Out Of His Hands

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Food is a sacred thing. You certainly don't want to get between anybody and their food and causing someone to drop their food should be punishable in some sort of way, possibly death. That would put Bayern Munich's Rafinha in real trouble.


Food is an important part of the match going experience, almost as important part of the game as the chance to boo the player who left your team on good terms so he could play more for less wages- yeah I'm looking at you Manchester City fans!

For a lot of us there's the possibility of grabbing some food pre match, a pie once you're in the ground and inevitably a take away post match because it's the weekend and you can't be bothered making food when you get back home.

One punter at this weekend's Bayern Munich match was enjoying his pre match chips when Rafinha decided to attempt a volleyed shot on goal as part of his warm up.

As you'll see from the video it's a dreadful attempt and it had fatal consequences, to the poor chaps chips anyway!

Credit: BT Sports

That poor bloke and his chips, what did he do to deserve that?!

He obviously needed help from this guy who headed the ball clear of his girlfriend to save her, and we all know chips are more important than a girl, right? Fine you got me, I'm single...

Credit: Maidenhead United

I'd still be crying about the chips now!

It's not my food and I'm annoyed. Right, it's time to go and get lunch, I bet I drop it on the floor now.

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