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Ian Wright's Meltdown On Twitter Last Night Will Go Down In History

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Arsenal suffered one of their biggest defeats in Champions League history last night after Carlo Ancelotti's Bayern smashed five past David Ospina as Arsene Wenger looked on, dejected and helpless.

Goals from Arjen Robben, Robert Lewandowski, Thiago Alcantara (2) and Thomas Muller left plenty of Arsenal fans furious at the sight of this utter demolition job.

One Arsenal fan who didn't hold back during the game was Ian Wright, who was well and truly pissed off by their performance at the Allianz Arena last night.

Wright, who scored 185 goals for the club during his seven year spell in North London, began the night optimistic:

But then Arsenal being Arsenal conceded in the opening 11 minutes after a screamer from Arjen Robben put Bayern 1-0 up early on:

Then this happened...

Bayern's official Twitter account then trolled Arsenal after the game, putting the final nail into the already sinking coffin.


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Jack Kenmare

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