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Greater Manchester Police Accidentally Troll Manchester City Fans

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Crime rates in Manchester from December 2015 to December 2016 went up quite a bit so you'd have thought that the police had better things to do than get themselves into the city's football rivalry by accidentally trolling Manchester City fans.

Football rivalries are made from lots of different things. Sometimes it's geographical, sometimes because of the competition the two sides have and sometimes, like with Brighton and Crystal Palace, there's no reason as far as anyone outside of the rivalry can tell.

For Manchester City and Manchester United the rivalry was historically based on nothing but geography with the blue half of the city hating United more than the red half hated City, naming Liverpool as their biggest rival.

Check out our video on some of football's biggest rivalries:

In recent times that has changed and Sir Alex Ferguson's 'noisy neighbours' barb set off a new generation of hatred between the two sides, built on competition.

And the one thing that United fans love to bring up is the perceived lack of fans that Pep Guardiola's team have, especially the inability to sell out the Etihad. Which is exactly what made this tweet from Greater Manchester Police so priceless:

United played St Etienne on Thursday night and the away support were very boisterous in the city in the build up to the match and even more so after kick off with flares brought into the ground.

Of course with Monaco visiting Manchester for their Champions League clash with City next week the tweet was actually referring to the amount of away support rather than home fans:

Not that people cared:

Now all the police need to do is tweet about City's lack of history and then United fans really will be erect!

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