Arsenal Fan Gets Less Than He Was Promised At Baku Apartment

Arsenal and Chelsea fans have had plenty of issues with their Europa League final on Wednesday and now one fan has shown just how different the reality of his accommodation is to the advert.

The Europa League final on Wednesday has been hit with a lot of negative press long before the game has even kicked off.

First was the news that UEFA were only giving each team 6,000 tickets in a stadium that holds 69,870, then the fact that it would take fans an age to travel to Baku, that travel would cost around £1000 for some and the fact that one of the players couldn't play in Azerbaijan.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan decided he didn't feel safe as an Armenian travelling to the country and that itself was enough to suggest the final shouldn't be being held in Baku.

Despite the fact that the clubs got so few tickets there's still been thousands handed back to UEFA unsold because it's not easy or cheap to get out there.

Some have managed it of course but one fan has found another pitfall with the trips, his accomodation. Clearly the advert didn't match up with what he's been greeted by.

Amazingly UEFA's report on the city in 2017, when they applied to host European finals for this year, revealed an issue with the amount of accomodation, saying, "The number of hotel rooms within a 60km radius of the stadium falls short of UEFA requirements for a Champions League final and the city could accommodate only a very limited number of fans and sponsors in standard hotels. Mitigation measures such as campsites, university dormitories and guest houses would need to be investigated."

The Olympic stadium will be about this 'full' on Wednesday. Image: PA Images
The Olympic stadium will be about this 'full' on Wednesday. Image: PA Images

It's a shame that the problems with the final are distracting from the final itself with Arsenal and Chelsea the first leg of the all England European final double.

The Gunners are most desperate for the win in order to make it into the Champions League next season, having missed out on the top four, but the Blues will also want to win some silverware.

Who will end up with the trophy?

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