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WATCH: This Is What A MLS Penalty Shoot Out Looked Like In The '90s

Here's a throwback to how our buddies across the pond used to take penalties. What is going on?!

The American's were not quite convinced about the conventional spot-kicks, so they proceeded to mix it up by introducing the shoot-out in an attempt to "Americanise" soccer.

The taker would run with the ball from the 35-yard line similar to a Hockey penalty creating a 1-on-1 contest between the shooter and keeper.

If you don't know what we're are talking about, prepare to be either amazed or appalled by checking out the footage below:

Credit: Footy Throwbacks

However, the format was hated as fans demanded a traditional product so it changed with the shootout format binned in 1999, replaced by the method commonly used the world over.

Traditional penalties have been the norm in Major League Soccer since 1999. Image: PA

Is there not perhaps a part of football fans the world over that would welcome a return to the mid '90s MLS methods of deciding drawn games, though? It would certainly make matches more exciting, wouldn't it?

Or are you a fan of traditional penalty shoot outs?

Have your say in the comments section, below.

(H/T @FootyThrowbacks)

Featured Image Credit: MLS/Twitter

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