KSI Responds To Fans Who Guess How Much He Got Paid For Logan Paul Fight

KSI vs Logan Paul captured the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands of people and sadly ended in a draw. Now KSI has answered people on how much he earned.

OK, so it was the boxing match that nobody particularly asked for, but it actually turned out to be a relatively entertaining event.

They knocked seven bells out of each other - which is all that we could have hoped for, really - and it was declared as a draw in the end, so everyone gets to come back for another big pay day.

However, how much did two YouTubers just earn from what was effectively a white-collar boxing match, just without the proceeds going to charity?

Well, KSI took to the streets of London to face his adoring public, ask them who they thought won, whether the fight was rigged, and how much money they think he earned.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

To begin with, people are unlikely to say Logan Paul won the fight if KSI is standing right there brandishing a microphone towards their face. Even though one bloke insisted to KSI that Paul chucked more punches. He took it pretty well though.

Also, the fight was declared a majority draw, which was the only result that would have allowed both fighters to save face, and permit a lucrative rematch - presumably back in Paul's native USA.

Don't worry, there are no tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists here - it was quite an even and balanced fight - so it probably wasn't (completely) rigged.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

The interesting question remains: how much cash do you make as a guy who makes occasionally offensive jokes on the internet if you get into a ring with another similar person in front of an adoring crowd of millennials?

One thing is for certain - it's more than most of us will earn this year. Another absolute certainty is that none of the people KSI found to ask around London had a bloody clue either.

£10 million? £20 million? £50? It's difficult to say.

What we do know is that the fight was watched by millions around the world and a full house at the Manchester Arena. We also know that the purse was split 50/50 between the fighters, with KSI taking all of the ticket sales from this fight, whereas Paul will take the gate money from the rematch stateside.

They also both signed lucrative sponsorship deals, so that will have boosted their earnings significantly too.

OK, so it's not a definitive figure, but we can be sure that neither of them will be short of a bob or two after their fight. It's almost like they planned for a second one well ahead of time...

Featured Image Credit: YouTube

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