​Looks Like Mia Khalifa Supports West Ham... And Fans Are Divided

Mia Khalifa may be known for many things, but along with being a sports presenter, a decent cook and, obviously, a former adult film star, it looks like she can also add West Ham supporter to her repertoire.

Posting a photo on Instagram enjoying the view at London's Duck and Waffle, Mia was spotted wearing the iconic claret and blue strip, not her usual kind of strip.

Credit: Instagram/Mia Khalifa
Credit: Instagram/Mia Khalifa

She captioned the snap with a nod to the club's famous song, writing: "Next year's our year #ForeverBlowingBubbles #AndForeverEatingWaffles"

Not everyone was happy with the bold statement, with one commenting angrily: "DO YOU ACTUALLY LIKE WEST HAM @miakhalifa OR ARE YOU JUST WEARING THAT PIECE OF CRAP FOR THE SAKE OF IT??"

Another said: "Bet you couldn't even name one current West Ham player or the manager."

Others were a little more won over by her allegiance to West Ham, with one inviting her to join them for a game, adding: "Ticket and drinks on me of course." Smooth.

Another wrote: "If that's not motivation to win the league, then I don't know what is."

Some even took it as a chance to jump ship, with one commenting: "I'm officially supporting West Ham United."

"Guess I'm a West Ham fan now," someone else said.

Many people questioned whether or not it was actually Liverpool she supports - after she was seen flirting online with Loris Karius, the goalkeeper for LFC.

Loris was in Reds fans' bad books recently, after his mistakes cost the team their first European title in 13 years. But while every Liverpool fan on the face of the earth was absolutely raging, Mia stepped forward as his unlikely admirer.

Before his team's defeat at the hands of Real Madrid, the German keeper posted a photo of himself with the caption: "Eyes on the prize."

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

While many commenters posting after the match gave him a ribbing - sports website Bench Warmers joked that he probably should've kept his eyes on the ball instead - 25-year-old Khalifa posted a flirty message of support.

After he apologised to fans for his poor performance, Mia then took to her own Instagram to share a post dedicated to the keeper.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Sharing a photo of Karius beaming during a game, she wrote: "Keep smiling. Mistakes are human nature #FuckYouRamos@lorisk21."

Who do we reckon she's trying to impress over at West Ham now then, eh?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Mia Khalifa

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