Tyson Fury Reveals What Referee Said To Him After 12th Round Knockdown

Tyson Fury rose like the Undertaker in the 12th and final round of his world title fight with Deontay Wilder on Saturday night. Now the Brit has revealed what the referee said to him after the knockdown.

I've watched it over and over again, and then some more, and I'm not sure I'll ever understand quite how Tyson Fury got up off the canvas in the 12th round of his world title fight against Deontay Wilder.

Fury dominated the fight for large parts but had been put on the mat in the ninth round. At that point it was a pretty simple return for the lineal champ, beating the 10 count quite comfortably.

Then in the 12th round came one of the most amazing moments in boxing as Fury was once again knocked down but this time it looked like curtains for the Gypsy King.

With his eyes shut the 30 year old looked out cold but he managed to get to his feet and just about to answer the ref's 10 count before proving he was ready to keep going.

Speaking to fans in London yesterday Fury explained what the ref said to him, saying:

"However I got back up, I really don't know.I was sound. I was asleep on the floor. I was like that.

"I was like this on me back. Like that.

"I opened me eyes, I jumped up, but he said to me 'If you get knocked down, I won't stop the fight.'

"He said, 'I'll tell you to go to the left, and go to the right. And if you can do that, and look at me, you're telling me you're alright.'

"He said 'You alright?' I said 'Yes.'

"He said 'Go the left.' I went to the left. He said 'Go to the right.' I went to the right.

"Well he said 'If you ain't capable, most experienced referees in America will stop the fight. But if you can continue...'"

Speaking on Good Morning Britain on Monday the Mancunian boxer revealed he felt the judges cost him boxing's greatest comeback, saying, "We all know I've won. Everyone who watched the fight knows I've won but history will look back at this and say it was a draw because no-one will remember the controversy after a while.

"They've denied me the greatest comeback in boxing history.

"I'm not going to be bitter about it - but I am disappointed."

Clearly he was happy with how the referee officiated the contest though.

Ryan Sidle

Ryan is a writer for SPORTbible. He covers all sport from football, formula one, cricket, rugby, tennis, athletics, mma and wrestling. He obviously hates YOUR football team and has no interest in synchronised swimming.

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