Teddy Atlas Sums Up Everyone's Feelings In Epic Rant About Controversial Decisions

American boxing commentator and trainer Teddy Atlas perfectly summed up the mood of sports fans across the globe after his brilliant rant about controversial decisions got round following Tyson Fury's draw with Deontay Wilder.

The WBC and lineal heavyweight title fight between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury is the kind of fight that will be talked about on podcasts and written about in articles for years to come for many reasons.

Fury's comeback from depression and addiction, the knockdown that he came back from in the 12th, the overall entertainment of the bout and of course the controversial decision.

Fury was the better man throughout. Image: PA Images
Fury was the better man throughout. Image: PA Images

Despite twice knocking the Gypsy King down there are few who would argue that Wilder should have won, especially not by the 115-111 score that one judge had it down as.

The draw meant that Fury kept hold of his lineal title, Wilder kept hold of his WBC belt and both men walked away with their undefeated records still intact, ready to do it all again in a potential rematch.

But many were angry that for all Fury put himself through to get back to this point he was stopped by poor scoring and ESPN commentator Teddy Atlas summed it up best with this brilliant rant about bad decisions.:

It's extremely strong stuff from Atlas and a topic that he has no doubt covered on a lot of occasions in boxing, and the rant wasn't from Saturday night.

Fury and Wilder are hardly the first fighters to be at the centre of controversy on the scoring of their fight.

Saul Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin two huge profile fights were marred by questionable scoring, especially in the first one, and that is only the most recent high profile example amongst thousands of others.

Fury may have hit the deck twice, once in the ninth round and again in the 12th, which he had no right to recover from, but even with two 10-8 rounds the most Wilder should have got on any card was a draw.

Too often great fights are ruined by scoring and we only hope that Fury gets his rematch and rights the wrongs of Saturday night at the Staples Centre.

Ryan Sidle

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