Boxing Forum Post Asked Who Would Win Out Of Anthony Joshua And Muhammad Ali

A boxing fan asked the boxing community in 2017 who would win in a 'super-fight' out of Anthony Joshua and the legendary Muhammad Ali.

James Smith started up a post on World Boxing Forum and had a poll asking fans to cast their votes for each boxer.

With over 300 votes submitted, 31.8 per cent of fans put their full support behind the Brit superstar, 29.

But Ali took home the lion's share of the vote by receiving 217 votes as 68.2 per cent believed that the 'Greatest' would conquer Joshua.

Smith wrote in his post: "AJ has a 3inch height, 4inch reach and 40-pound weight advantage at 6'6, 82 reach and 250 pounds of solid power punching muscle. Ali is 6'3, 78 inch reach and only 210 pounds. Joshua clearly has the size advantage that Ali enjoyed in 90 [per cent] of his fights, so going to be an unusual experience for Ali.

"Ali does have quicker and better footwork, and faster hands, but I seriously doubt it will make up for Joshua's fast hands with such a height and reach advantage. I doubt Ali even has a puncher's chance.

"I think this is an obvious win for the stronger, bigger and much more powerful Joshua. I think the smart money is on Joshua by early KO. What do you think?"

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Credit: PA

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But fans were outraged at the idea that the user would even consider that Joshua had a chance of beating Ali.

One boxing fan responded: "Ali boxes his head off... I've seen AJ get outboxed by men as big as Ali but less skilled in amateurs. Ali totally mind f***s him and proceeds to run rings around him. Not saying it would be easy for Ali... these super heavyweights are huge mofos."

Someone else posted: "See Ali v Foreman... those who say Ali wouldn't have a chance are clearly logging on to the wrong site."

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

A third said: "People are just trolling when they say Joshua beats Ali. Ali TKO 9. Shatters Joshua's glass."

A fourth added: "This wouldn't even be close. Prime Ali would be too fast of hand and foot for Joshua to get anywhere near him. Ali would box his head off and don't underestimate Ali's power. I like Joshua but he's fought nobody, he's got a lot to prove before he can remotely be spoken of in the same breath as Ali."

The forum post was created while Joshua was undefeated and held the IBF heavyweight title.

Only a month later the Brit would fight against Wladimir Klitschko at Wembley and would win the WBA (Super) and IBO belts.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

But the former heavyweight champ suffered his first professional defeat against Andy Ruiz Jr last month on his debut in the States.

It's not the first time that boxing fans have caused quite the stir online, with a boxing Twitter account asking who would win in a fight out of 1987 Mike Tyson and 2019 Deontay Wilder.

Ali or 'AJ' to win the mega-fight?

Let us know in the comments.

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