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Floyd Mayweather Is Training Soulja Boy For His Chris Brown Boxing Match

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Forget Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao, the real 'fight of the century' is Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy!

The two rappers have been squabbling over Brown's ex-girlfriend; Karrueche. Soulja Boy was subject to a threat from his fellow rapper following a comment on her Instagram picture.

Brown wasn't happy calling him out by saying he would "whoop his ass." Prompting a Twitter spat as they traded verbal insults which ultimately culminated in a supposed boxing match 'promoted' by Floyd Mayweather.

The proposed fight has it's own poster but there's no date or location but we do know it is a 3-round boxing bout live on pay-per-view, 'Money' May is involved after all.

And it appears the former pound-for-pound king is also training Soulja.

Judging by this video, Mayweather has a lot of work on this hands...

Amidst the grudge match, a certain 50 Cent is also wagering big money on the fight, saying; "(Mayweather) just called me and told me he's going to take the bet. The ($250,000) ain't nothing. Champ bet $400,000 on the halftime. We talking money. Big money"

Get excited, y'all. It's happening!

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