Maxim Dadashev's Trainer, Buddy McGirt Pleaded With Fighter To Quit Before Pulling Him Out Of The Fight

Footage shows just how desperate Buddy McGirt, Maxim Dadashev's trainer, was for his fighter to stop at the end of the 11th round, before McGirt stopped the fight himself.

On Tuesday the sad news that boxer Maxim Dadashev had passed away following his fight with Subriel Matias on Friday night.

The boxer was pulled out of the fight at the end of the 11th round with his trainer fearful for what might happen. The video of McGirt pleading with his fighter to stop makes for a difficult watch considering what we now know.

"I'm going to stop the fight. Max, I'm going to stop it," said McGirt. "You're getting hit too much.

"Please Max, please let me do this. Please, please, you're getting hit too much. If I don't, they're going to do it. You understand? The referee will do it."

Speaking to ESPN on Tuesday McGirt said, "It just makes you realise what type of sport we're in, man. He did everything right in training, no problems, no nothing. My mind is like really running crazy, right now.

"Like what could I have done differently? But at the end of the day, everything was fine [in training]. He seemed OK, he was ready, but it's the sport that we're in. It just takes one punch, man.

"I saw him fading and when he came back to the corner [after the 11th round], my mind was already made up. I was just asking him out of respect, but my mind was made up. I wasn't going to let him go out there."

Our thoughts and prayers are with Dadashev's friends, family and all who knew him.

Ryan Sidle

Ryan is a writer for SPORTbible. He covers all sport from football, formula one, cricket, rugby, tennis, athletics, mma and wrestling. He obviously hates YOUR football team and has no interest in synchronised swimming.

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