Floyd Mayweather has taken to Instagram Live to call out Conor McGregor for 'blowing smoke up everybody's ass'.

While streaming, Mayweather said: "I don't give a fuck what night it was, I ain't never takin' no L. I'm fucking McGregor up, too. Punk ass McGregor, I'm gonna slap the shit out of McGregor when I see him."

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So I guess the Mayweather V McGregor boxing match is officially not on then? Well, I feel cheated. A little confused, but really fucking disappointed.

Mayweather also recently spoke to Fight Hype about the fact that McGregor had successfully gained his boxing licence for the state of California.

I know what you're going to say, Mayweather only ever fights in Las Vegas, right? Well, the rumour mill span out of control once everyone found out that The Notorious tried to get a licence in Nevada but was denied.

Why? Well, a few reasons, apparently. However, the main one was that he still owes them fine money from a press conference incident with the Diaz brothers, reports BlackSportsOnline.

Mayweather ripped apart everyone's hopes and dreams when he said: "Man, I don't fight in California. What did he get a licence in California for?

"He's blowing smoke up everybody's ass. He don't really wanna fight because I went to his boss. He don't want to fight, he's just doing that to keep his name alive, to stay relevant. He's doing that to build his followers. He's smart."


McGregor's coach, John Kavanagh, had confirmed that the pair are in talks for a potential fight in 2017. He even said that there was a strong chance the bout would be happening 'next year'. He added that Mayweather's current winning record of 49-0 seems to be especially tantalising. He said: "He's 49-0. I'm sure he wants that 50th fight. It's a nice number.

"Right now, ask the average guy on the street, who do you want to see Mayweather fight, what fight's going to get the most interest, and it would be a superfight with Conor.

"Certainly stranger things have happened in combat sports than a Mayweather-Conor fight. I wouldn't be surprised by it, so who knows?

"It's one of the many options that are there for Conor, so let's see how the next couple of weeks go."

So what's all this about?! Is Mayweather bullshitting? Why would Conor McGregor need any more publicity? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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