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Bad Lip Reading Drop Hilarious NFL Lip Dub In Build Up To The Superbowl

Josh Teal in  American Football

It's fitting that during the most popular, frenzied week for American Football fans, the lads over at Bad Lip Reading have gone and dropped their NFL spoof.

The video shows various NFL players talking to each other over the season, with terribly inaccurate but hilarious interpretations from the Bad Lip Reading voiceover.

This edition features some of the sport's titans: Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, Ezekiel Elliott among others.

Credit: Bad Lip Reading/NFL

It marks a return after the numerous political offerings they've dished out for us. They didn't hold back on the Election debates, the Republican and Democratic debates, nor did they - most famously - hold back on the Presidential Inauguration lip dub that we saw on almost everybody's news feeds and timelines late last month.

Credit: Bad Lip Reading/NFL

Speaking of, why not revisit that why the political climate seems to be going up in flames?

It's George Bush's joke to Obama, isn't it? That's the funniest bit.

Featured Image Credit: Bad Lip Reading/NFL

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