College Football Team LSU Have The Most Ridiculous Locker Rooms

American college football team LSU Tigers have revealed their brand new locker rooms and they are more ridiculous than even the most extravagant changing rooms you've ever seen before.

Professional sports stars live the life of luxury wherever they go and often that even includes the changing rooms of their stadiums, as many will know who have done stadium tours.

However even those who play for the likes of PSG, Real Madrid and Manchester City will be jealous of what awaits the college stars of Louisiana State University's LSU Tigers American football team:

Each seat looks like it's in the kind of pod you might get on business class on a more high end airplane company, so I'm led to believe from films, and they even recline!

As well a looking like the most comfortable chair imaginable each seat comes with its own iPad, presumably so you can watch an episode of Black Mirror rather than listen to the coach.

There's charging ports as well so the players' phones won't run out of battery as they slide in the DMs of the next cheerleader on their list.

As if all of this wasn't quite enough, and if anything it's probably too much, there's the nice little touch that each seat has its own personalised locker with helmet, name and number above the seat.

Not forgetting the movie theatre, probably to go over analysis of previous games but someone's going to be firing up Netflix too, and apparently a driving simulator as well, and I'm still lost to what that's for.

It's no wonder the players are excited:

In a statement the team said, "Imagine a cross between first class cabin on an airplane and a space station from a science fiction film. Featuring custom-manufactured, open, two-part lockers, the room combines state-of-the-art design with practical functionality, engineered with one goal in mind: to provide an all-needs-met, time-efficient space for the Tigers to prepare, rest, and recover - as a team, and as individuals."

Bunch of college students get to live this luxury, what the hell happens in the NFL?!

Ryan Sidle

Ryan is a writer for SPORTbible. He covers all sport from football, formula one, cricket, rugby, tennis, athletics, mma and wrestling. He obviously hates YOUR football team and has no interest in synchronised swimming.

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