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WATCH: NFL Kicker Hilariously Fails Attempted Rabona Kick Off

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We've all tried something we shouldn't have when playing football, or some other sport, and ended up looking like a right dick. Fortunately for most of us this will just be in front of our mates rather than in front of thousands in the stands and millions watching home. That wasn't the case for Chris Boswell.

Pittsburgh Steelers placekicker Chris Boswell decided yesterday in the team's game against Baltimore Ravens to attempt a rabona kick off, something that isn't too rare a scene in NFL but still risky at best.

As you already can guess from the title this did not go too well, I've not seen a rabona fail so badly since David Dunn's infamous attempt.

Just to rub salt into the wound for Steelers the team lost 21-14 to the Ravens, a result that saw their AFC North rivals go above them in the standings after eight games, both sides with a 4-4 record.

At least Boswell can stand by the fact that he's attempted the move before and on that occasion it did work:

And now to relive David Dunn's infamous fail:

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